MT-5 Single-Use Data Logger (Humidity & Temperature)

MettTemp MC-5 data logger has an in-built temperature and humidity sensor with LCD Display. The model also features a light sensor to track any violation of door or box opening in transit or storage setting. MT-5 is widely used for tracking data in pharmaceutical packages and cooler boxes and delivers a comprehensive, password protected PDF report.

The information helps the cold-chain industry participants in determining the safety and quality of temperature sensitive shipments. Thereby, enabling them to make informed decisions, to whether accept the cargo or reject it.

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MT-4 HC Multiple-Use Data Logger (Humidity & Temperature)

MettTemp MT-4HC Data Logger is a conventional data logger and supports external temperature sensors and buzzer alarms. The product is optimum to track & store data for both heat and humidity fluctuations while your precious cargo is in-transit or during last mile mobility.

This multiple-use data logger can record up to 60,000 data readings of Internal temperature & humidity with an accuracy up to ±0.5℃, & ±3%RH. A preferred model of Pharmaceutical industry but is as effective in tracking temperature sensitive products across industries of Chemicals, Food & Wine.

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ASPION G-Log 2 records shock and climatic conditions

The new transport data logger ASPION G-Log 2 measures and records shock events – traceable in all three axes and for the highest shocks up to millisecond level. At the same time, it records climate data such as temperature and relative humidity based on intervals or events. This makes the transport loads and environmental conditions for your goods transparent, traceable and assignable at all times – especially in the event of damage. Reduce costs for transport damage and increase your process quality!

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