Insulated Box Liners & Covers

The thermal insulating materials used in the manufacture of Mettcover box liners and covers. We deliver high performance for a wide range of packing applications. Insulated box liners and covers are a great way to keep your food fresh and protect it from moisture and heat. They are also a great way to protect your food from pests and other contaminants. Insulated Box Liners Covers are also a great way to keep your food organized and easy to find.

METTCOVER Insulated Box Liners

  1. Instantly transform any box in to an economical insulated thermal shipper
  2. Light weight and foldable, reduces the storage and shipping space.
  3. Customized size as per your box size.
  4. Made with heavy-duty insulation material, a leak resistant structure that keeps your perishables fresh and safe during transits.
  5. Preserves freshness, quality, taste and color of the product
  6. A leak resistant product, which ensures the temperature and freshness of products inside for a sustained period of time.
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