Insulated Shipping Container Liners

An insulated shipping container liner is a type of liner that is specially designed to protect your goods from the elements. There are a few different types of insulated shipping container liners available on the market. The most popular type of insulated shipping container liner is the thermal insulation liner. Food and drinks can be kept cool and safe with an insulated shipping container liner. This liner is made of heavy-duty, heat-resistant insulation and is designed to fit inside of a standard shipping container. The liner is also water resistant, so you can use it to transport goods in rain or snow.

METTCOVER Insulated Container Liner

  1. Mettcover insulated shipping container liners are available with 16+ different grades
  2. We have ready sizes for 20ft and 40ft container liners.
  3. Prevent the shipping product from direct heat and cold.
  4. Eliminates container rain.
  5. Maximize dry container fleet.
  6. A barrier against potential contamination.
  7. Reduces thermal shocks.
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