Thermal Insulated Cooler Bags

Searching for the best insulated cooler bags? We are a leading Manufacturer of Mettcover thermal insulated cooler bags. Thermal insulated cooler bag is a great way to keep your vaccine, food and drink cold during the summer. This bag is made of high quality materials to ensure that your food and drink are kept cold for a long time. When insulated cooler bags are used to preserve or protect the temperature of fresh and frozen products during a certain time.

METTCOVER Insulated Cooler Bags

  1. Mettcover thermal cooler bags for vaccine designed to enable the safe and secure transportation of vaccines.
  2. It is a solution mainly dedicated to the transport of pharmaceutical products, biological samples, organs, tissues or reagents or as insulated packaging secondary for the transport of infectious products.
  3. Vaccine Transportation & Vaccine Porter bags help store vaccines and samples when power is not available. high quality storage reduces damage to vaccines during transit and maintain temperature.
  4. Can be used with gel packs to extend thermal performance or if being opened and closed regularly.
  5. Often used by district medical staff when carrying out vaccinations within the community, or to courier pharmaceutical, medical, blood products or perishable samples between locations.
  6. Can be used for hot food delivery.
  7. A unique design insulated bag having a zipper with flap opening, to provide a better temperature protection.
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